sslugtreeWe work with folks of all backgrounds and experience to create gardens uniquely tailored to each client and each site.

We tailor our designs and installations so clients can participate as much (or as little!) as they desire.

Contact us to set up an initial consultation.

We’ll take a stroll around your property and chat with you about what you love about this space you live in, and brainstorm ways to really make the place shine.  Maybe you’d love to have a little garden right by your kitchen door so you can add just the right fresh herbs and veggies to those great Sicilian recipes your grandmother taught you.  Maybe this darned slope that grass just won’t grow on has all your horticultural efforts stymied and you’re ready to see the whole thing covered in fruit bushes.  We’ll walk, talk, and help bring out a vision for the space that’s good for the soil, good for the wildlife, good for the palate, and good for your peace of mind.